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CompanyDescriptionCategoryVideo & Profile
2B Blackbio (Private)Leading research and development of new tools in the field of personalized medicine, medical diagnostics and pharmacogenomics based upon disruptive technologies and an innovating business model.Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
Abviva (OTC: ABVV.PK)Established to develop and commercialize diagnostic and therapeutic products.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Access Pharmaceuticals (OTC: ACCP.OB)A biopharmaceutical company that develops products for the care of cancer patients.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
AcuMEMS (Private)Developer of wireless pressure sensors for glaucoma management and treatment.Private Biotech/Device
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (Private)Established a safe and effective gene delivery approach and a unique process that enables the economic, commercially scalable manufacturing of gene therapy products.Private Biotech/Device
AMT BioPharma (Private)-----Developer of innovative treatments using gene therapy.Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
AntriaBio (Private)-----A biopharmaceutical company.Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
Axial Biotech (Private)Genetic markers and motion preserving implants for scoliosis prognosis and treatment.Private Biotech/Device
Biomoda (OTC: BMOD.OB)Focused on the development and commercialization of cost-effective, non-invasive, accurate and reproducible diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancer.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
BioNanomatrix, Inc. (Private)Develops single-molecule analysis systems for applications in molecular biology, biomedical research, diagnostics and personalized medicine.Private Biotech/Device
Biovista, Inc. (Private)Offers distinct value in basic research, clinical development and consumer health, in addition to supporting own internal efforts in finding new uses for existing drugs.Private Biotech/Device
Cardiogenesis (OTC: CGCP.PK)Focused on the treatment of ischemic coronary disease.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
CeQur (Private)Commercializes a novel insulin delivery device.Private Biotech/Device
Cytochroma Inc. (Private)Develops and commercializes prescription products to treat and prevent the clinical consequences of vitamin D insufficiency and secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD)Private Biotech/Device
DARA BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: DARA)Acquires promising therapeutic small molecules and develops them through proof of concept in humans.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
DataPhysics Research (Private)Providing medical intelligence technology that eliminates the need for radiologist to have to interpret image exam data using a legacy slice by slice review process.Private Biotech/Device
DATATRAK International (OTC: DATA.PK)Global eClinical solutions for the clinical trials industry.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Derma Sciences (OTC: DSCI.OB)$50 Million specialty medical device and pharmaceutical company focused on advanced wound care.Micro-Cap Biotech/DeviceView Profile
DermDx (Private)Developing a revolutionary optical instrument capable of rapid, accurate, non-invasive skin cancer diagnosis.Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
DiFusion Technologies, Inc. (Private)Engaged in the development of products and technologies to further the delivery and administration of antibiotic therapy following orthopedic surgical procedures.Private Biotech/Device
Edge Therapeutics, Inc. (Private)Edge seeks to revolutionize treatment to prevent secondary brain injury after hemorrhagic stroke and traumatic brain injury and challenge current oral and intravenous methods by delivering life-saving medicine directly to the brain.Private Biotech/Device
Eleison Pharmaceuticals (Private)Acquiring, developing, and commercializing clinical stage drug candidates for orphan indications for patients with rare and life-threatening diseases.Private Biotech/Device
EpiCept Corporation (Nasdaq: EPCT)Development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer and pain.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Exact Cost (Private)Improving healthcare performance and clinical quality by helping organizations migrate from traditional financial methods to activity-based methods.Private Biotech/Device
EyeIC (Private)-----Bringing advanced image processing technology to medicine.Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
Facet Solutions (Private)Anatomic replacement of the facet joint.Private Biotech/Device
Flexible Stenting Solutions (Private)Development and commercialization of flexible, durable self expanding stentsPrivate Biotech/Device
Genesis BioPharma Group (OTC: GNBP.OB)Offers an integrated approach to Product Dvelopment to accelerate timelines and maximize the value of products.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Genomic Expression Inc (Private)Genomic Expression is launching a first generation digital array to key universities and corporations and anticipates generating revenue in 2010.Private Biotech/Device
Health Integrated (Private)Integrated outsourced disease management services for HMOs, governments and employers.Private Biotech/Device
Hilin Life Products Inc. (Private)Inventing and marketing original fertility management products primarily for the womens health and family planning industries.Private Biotech/Device
Innova Medical Design (Private)Alleviates needle pain related to venipuncture, injection, vaccination and lancet procedures.Private Biotech/Device
InSite Medical Technologies (Private)Seeks to shift the epidural anesthesia market from devices with unacceptable risk to a proprietary device that improves safety, accuracy, and ease of use during epidural space access.Private Biotech/Device
Intellect Neurosciences (OTC: ILNS.OB)Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
LL Tech (Private)Provides rapid, cellular level, 2D and 3D high resolution imaging systems for real-time, non-destructive optical biopsy readings.Private Biotech/Device
Lucid (Private)Non-invasive diagnostic confocal imagers for the early detection of skin cancers.Private Biotech/Device
MacuCLEAR Inc. (Private)Specialty development-stage pharmaceutical company for ophthalmic treatments.Private Biotech/Device
MedicaSafe (Private)Integrated drug dispensing devices and usage tracking systems to increase medication adherence and compliance.Private Biotech/Device
Morris Innovative Research (Private)Developer of products facilitating natural vascular closure and opening vessels.Private Biotech/Device
Myconostica (Private)Develops and supplies molecular diagnostic products to aid rapid and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening invasive fungal infections.Private Biotech/Device
Nanobiotix (Private)Non-invasive nanoparticle-based cancer therapyPrivate Biotech/Device
NeoMatrix (Private)Fully-automated, non-invasive breast cancer screening.Private Biotech/Device
NeoStem (AMEX: NBS)International biopharmaceutical company with product and service revenues, global research and development capabilities and operations in three distinct business units.Micro-Cap Biotech/DeviceView Profile
New World Laboratories, Inc. (Private)Specializes in the research and development of unique therapeutics and technologies for regenerative medicine.Private Biotech/Device
NuVue Therapeutics,Inc. (Private)Developing ultrasound guided, site-specific, and cryothermally enhanced cancer therapies.Private Biotech/Device
Ovatech (Private)Emerging medical technology company that is focused on products to enhance womens health.Private Biotech/Device
PDS Biotechnology Corporation (Private)Nanoparticle-based therapies to treat cancers and infectious diseases in large markets.Private Biotech/Device
PearlDiver (Private)Life sciences information, data and research firm.Private Biotech/Device
PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc (Private)Commercializing novel and patented burn and wound care products from its portfolio of 4 synergistic and complementary patented technology platforms.Private Biotech/Device
Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: PBIO)Focuses on the development and commercialization of a platform technology called pressure cycling technology.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Principio, Inc. (Private)Develops and manufactures molecular imaging agents and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.Private Biotech/Device
RecoveryCare (Private)Focused on those people suffering from a serious mental illness (SMI).Private Biotech/DeviceView Profile
RepRegen Ltd (Private)Uses patented repair and regeneration technology platforms designed to mend and regrow hard tissue such as bone and soft tissue such as cartilage.Private Biotech/Device
S.E.A. Medical Systems, Inc. (Private)Pioneering real-time advanced fluid sensing with smart solutions for safe preparation and delivery of IV medications.Private Biotech/Device
Silver Bullet Therapeutics (Private)Advanced therapeutic delivery technologies for orthopedic and dental infectious diseases.Private Biotech/Device
Soligenix, Inc (SNGX)Developing products to treat life-threatening side effects of cancer treatments and serious gastrointestinal diseases, and vaccines for certain bioterrorism agentsMicro-Cap Biotech/DeviceView Profile
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals (Private)An early stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for life threatening viral infections.Private Biotech/Device
T2 Biosystems (Private)Harnessing nanotechnology and miniaturizing proven MRI systems to create a new generation of lab-quality diagnostic tools.Private Biotech/Device
TC Software (Private)Software development firm manufacturing and marketing Enterprise Application Integration solutions for the healthcare and logistics industries.Private Biotech/Device
to-BBB technologies (Private)CNS Drug DeliveryPrivate Biotech/Device
Transdel Pharmaceuticals (OB: TDLP)Specialty pharmaceutical company developing non-invasive, topically delivered products.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Trigeminal Solutions (Private)Develops software-based techniques for determining migraine triggersPrivate Biotech/Device
Unity Medical (Private)Offers media rich, web-based, effective knowledge transfer technologies that provide unique, turnkey, communication solutions to healthcare organizations.Private Biotech/Device
Urologix (Nasdaq: ULGX)Develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive medical products for the treatment of urological disorders.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device
Urovalve (Private)Developer of patented technology to control fluid flow through small diameter flexible tubing.Private Biotech/Device
US HIFU, LLC (Private)A privately held health care company focused on treating primary and recurrent prostate cancer.Private Biotech/Device
Valam (Private)Focused on providing laser-based infection and surgical therapies to otolaryngologists, and their patients worldwide.Private Biotech/Device
Vasonova (Private)Leader in algorithm-based vascular navigation and measurement technology that has created, developed and commercialized an innovative vascular navigation system.Private Biotech/Device
Vaxin (Private)Vaccine company using non-invasive means to elicit immune responses.Private Biotech/Device
VetCentric (Private)Home delivery partner of veterinary practices to pet owners on behalf of veterinary practices.Private Biotech/Device
Virtual Medical Centre (Private)Leading Australian medical information website written by medical professionals.Private Biotech/Device
Vyteris, Inc. (OTC BB: VYTR.OB)Active patch drug delivery using proprietary technology.Micro-Cap Biotech/Device